The World’s First Music Video That Demands Your Attention


While social injustice and racial profiling keeps taking lives, it’s all too easy for society to keep looking away.


Internationally celebrated musician Usher recorded “Chains”, an anthem to advocate for unarmed victims of violence. To ensure the public paid attention to this important issue, the song was launched exclusively on chains.tidal.com. Here, visitors are compelled to look into victims of brutality and confront the shocking facts of each person’s story. Facial recognition software, activated through a webcam stops the music if the viewer looks away.


#DontLookAway interactive experience caught the eyes of news outlets and cultural influencers from more than 100 countries.

“Usher targets police brutality with powerful interactive video”

“The song is well-produced, but it’s the video that really makes this project stand out”

“One hell of an emotional interactive experience”

“Confronts Racial Injustice Like You’ve Never Seen”



“no words could do the video justice”

Celebrities amplified the message and made this serious issue part of the world’s pop culture conversation.

in only 4 days

500,000Unique visitors

2'33"spent per user

500 millionGlobal media impressions

#DontLookAway became the center piece of a movement committed to reveal and break the chains of social injustice with social events, conferences and concerts like TIDAL x 1020 Amplified by HTC, where Usher performed “Chains” for the first time to a sold-out audience with proceeds benefitting groups that promote social impact and change.

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